As a rather prolific product development group of MilliPixels Interactive, evantiv innovation labs brings together our UX and consulting experience of over 20 years to design and develop mobile and web products that move the art further.

Our product lineup addresses challenges in the Early Learning space, GRC and eCommerce verticals, as well as across functional areas like HR, Spend Management, Support and enterprise development.

Early Learning Apps

Our Early Learning Series includes research-based mobile apps that focus on building key numerical, verbal, analytical and civic skills in children. Explore our early-learning lineup!

As the first app off the stable at evantiv Early Learning, With its unique 'Speak to Calculate' feature and theme-based UI, MyFirstCal enabes kids to build a lasting relationship with numbers.

Launched AUGUST 2018

Wordlle uses word hurdles to get younger children build familiarity with the English alphabet, expand their vocabulary and learn correct pronunciation in an interactive manner.

Coming SEPTEMBER 2018

MyFirstStorybook introduces young learners to the joy of stories. It's easy enough to be understood by 2-6 years old kids, and enables them to build a reading habit that stays with them as they grow.

Coming OCTOBER 2018

Designed for older kids between the ages of 6 and 12, this calculator introduces basic mathematical operations with games and enables learners to understand not just the answers, but the rationale as well.

Launched AUGUST 2018

Being able to tell the time is a vital skill for early learners. And it can be quite a chore teaching them what, why and how of time. MyTimer app enables kids to understand the concept and tell the time accurately.

Coming OCTOBER 2018

Drawing and Painting skills are extremely important for young learners to fully appreciate the world around them. MyFirstPainting enables li'l minds to get creative, learn about colors and shapes, and just have a good time.

Coming DECEMBER 2018

Partnering Opportunities

We're building partnerships with content owners and businesses seeking a proven channel to add to their marketing repertoire. If you're interested in exploring the use of our app platforms to further your brand, talk to us today.

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Upcoming Products Lineup

Combining product development discipline with innovative thinking, our upcoming products seek to challenge conventional viewpoints and bring real change to the landscape.

Consumer Apps

VoiceCal is a full-featured calculator that you can control with your voice for a hand-free experience. Integrated with Siri and available as a GoogleNow widget, you can perform all your basic operations by just asking. Simple.

Launched AUGUST 2018

My Timer Pro is the smartest timekeeper you'll find. It's a stopwatch with laps, milestone timer for those cooking recipes, and a reverse counting timer. And, it tells the time in as many time zones as you want.

Coming OCTOBER 2018

ExpenseRocket is personal expense management redefined. It's a beautiful experience that can be used standalone, or as a part of our enterprise Spend Management solution.

Coming NOVEMBER 2018

Business Solutions


Our GRC space flagship with a very simple Premise - Ensure Compliance. Manage Risk. Govern Better.

Beta Launch in OCTOBER 2018.


Getting ecommerce stores on the mobile. It's simple. And it's going to knock your socks off. Promise.

Coming NOVEMBER 2018.


Simple Spend Management that doesn't break the bank. Made specially for Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Coming OCTOBER 2018


Employee Social Engagement and Performance management platform for new age organisations.

Beta Rollout JANUARY 2019


A huge compendium of UX and UI patterns, practices and components to jumpstart your next enterprise project.

Coming OCTOBER 2018